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Seeing our Cherish Babys grow is amazing. Little Miss Graye came to us last summer so tiny and sweet…to see her now as alert as can be is amazing. Wow… how quickly they grow. She was so curious and wanted to soak in everything she was seeing. You can see just how much her mom and dad love her.

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.
Langston Hughes



I am so guilty of saying “no” a lot. Sometime with really good reason and other times just because I don’t want a mess to clean up or am too lazy to deal with whatever they want to do. Being a mom is just a balancing act sometimes. We want our kids to explore and question…until they do it too much or when we are in a hurry to go somewhere. Today it was just little miss and me today. She wanted to say in her PJs all day.. which is perfect since it is sub zero here and I have no desire to even open the door. So PJs and cozy tea it was! As I was in the kitchen she wanted up on the counter (a little habit my older daughter is in)…usually I would say no…. was a boring mom… but today…I just said Yes. I know… it is a little thing. It wasn’t like I let her jump off the roof with using a sheet to see if she could fly or color her hair with Koolaid. She thought it was pretty fun to slide across the countertop… which actually helped me out some because I still had little crumbs hanging around. I love seeing the wonder in her eyes when she thinks she is doing something a “big kid” does.  I should say Yes! more often.




Charlotte has had to stay home sick a couple days this week.. Still, she looks so beautiful though her eyes are sad and tired.

We are more then ready for spring so the kids will quit getting sick, and there will be green grass outside to photograph instead of our walls. I love our warm home, but we are ready to run around outside and plant the garden. Bring on the daffodils, robins, and tree buds!!!

I guess that’s what makes spring so wonderful…. the waiting and longing… then suddenly everything comes back to life. Reminds me of another story …




** Edited with our new Presets and Actions

Taken with the Lensbaby Composer Pro and Sweet 50 (I can’t get enough!)


We are nerds… we know it, and we are totally ok with it. We could have a wonderful conversation about f-stops and ISO with anyone that wants to chat… if you are already lost, don’t worry about it.

We actually spent time photographing our camera collections (see, told ya) and then typing what they might be saying and thinking. It was a blast! (yep, that nerdy…)

If you are a little (or a lot) camera nerdy too, you might like these Valentine’s Day cards. If you aren’t nerdy, you might think they are cute… or really really strange. Anyway, I cropped these as 4×6’s and we are offering these three files as a free download for anyone that would like them. You can print them anywhere as a 4×6 and use as a Valentine, have cards made from them, or send them via e-mail to that special person that you really click with.. (I can’t help it, ok.. )

Also! We have a little give away for ya! In the comment area of this blog post, we’d love to hear a sweet love story… it can be your own, it can be about how you show love to your kids, it can be a story about how your grandparents met… we just want to hear them. We will randomly choose a winner on Valentine’s Day and mail you an art print of an old camera. They are pretty awesome!!



Get all three of these Valentines here: (They are free)
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Check out the gift prints that will be available soon! Here are just two examples. More to come!


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