I don’t know how many of your have boys but I am always surprised by mine. One moment he is shy and then dancing around in his underwear. One moment he is all about sports and the next he just wants to be alone reading. When he came home last year and told me he auditioned for a solo in the music performance I about fainted..what? I never imagined he would want to.

I decided on a spur of the moment that we were going to take pictures. I didn’t want to over think what we were going to do or give him a chance to back out! haha. I told him to go and put some clothes on and meet me outside. He came out dressed so grown up… and brought a book. I truly want images that are memories of their younger selves. No frills, no expectations of grandness even an artistic edge… just him age 8. That is all I wanted. He is all boy.

jackson reading1jacksonreading6jacksonreading7jacksonreading8jacksonreading9jacksonreading10jacksonreading11

My family loves taking the little trip to Roaring River State Park in Missouri. It is a beautiful state park nestled in the Ozark mountians complete with a fish hatchery and lots and lots of trout to catch. Every day they release trout from the hatchery and hundreds of people line the river to catch their limit (4 rainbow trout). We always have an awesome spot claimed right below our cabins that my husband insists is the best location on the river. I like to wonder up and down the bank to fish, and he stands on the same stinkin rock… guess who has better luck catching them?  (hint: not me) This year we took the trip with my in-laws and Bryson’s brothers family too. Charlotte turned 8 while we were there, and we had a blast fishing, hiking, exploring, taking a little trip to Eureka Springs (just 30 min away), relaxing, and of course eating trout. Get-aways are important. Neither Bryson or my phone worked there, and I am so grateful. The constant “ding” of e-mails, texts, Facebook messages, and voice-mails, didn’t exist. Un-plugging was amazing. I plan on doing it a LOT more. I took my phone hiking to use the camera, but that was about it!
We also did our best to take family pics by the pretty river… which involved me pressing the button on my camera set on the tripod and running for my life to take my spot next to Bryson in the picture while trying to not look like I had just sprinted 100 yards. (why do I think I NEED to use my “big lens 70-200 for these shots?? Oh, and why in the world haven’t I invested in a wireless remote?? I think I will jump on Amazon here in a bit… there are some other things in my cart that I probably need anyway.):)The result wasn’t a perfect image but I don’t know a perfect family anyway. It is good enough, and with a little editing (or a lot!) I might be able to print it for my in-laws Christmas gift. Auggie has a great picture face right now… and by “great” I mean that he looks like Zoolander in almost every shot. Ahhhh, the memories. I love his “blue-steel” face as much as his everyday normal smile.
Charlotte, the newly turned 8 year old, stated it well on the way home in the not as clean as we came in van. “It’s so much more fun to drive to vacation, then the drive home.” It sure is, but sleeping in my king sized bed with my king sized husband is far more preferable  to the double in our 1970′s cabin with the three year old kicking me most of the night… Ahhhh, home.:)RU4A3111RU4A3103RU4A3096RU4A3066RU4A2918RU4A2917RU4A2924RU4A2923RU4A2926RU4A2947


And a few formal pics.. The big family pic still needs some photoshopping, like I mentioned before. :) inlawsRU4A2982




See, Zoolander. Oh well right?


I also took some fun video clips, but haven’t made it into a little movie yet. I love the clips even more then the pictures!

This was a fun shot… Pierson stood proudly on this rock 2 years ago. I had him do the same pose… I hope that when he is 15 he doesn’t think I am weird for making him still do the “so big!” arms up in the air pose. He’s usually a good sport. Also, I took some pictures of Charlotte 2 years ago on Deer Leap trail just up from the hatchery. I wanted to take her pictures there again but she wasn’t feeling like it. Pierson was though! I love it because they are both 6 in these pics. It’s also interesting to see that my photography hasn’t really changed much in 2 years.



Charlotte age 6 two years ago. Isn’t she just the sweetest?IMG_2762

I have this one as a big canvas in my home. I think I need to make one of Pierson’s a canvas as well! Then Auggie of course in a few years._lottie

And finally a few cell phone pics.:)We are already talking about the “next time”. So many memories yet to come at Roaring River.



We know you own one, or you want to! But do you know how to get that fancy camera off of the “Little green box” or “P” mode? If you have a fancy camera and are tiered of letting it make the decisions on your final exposure (ok, in simple terms, you don’t know why your kids look too dark and the background is so bright, or why your image is out of focus, or the basketball court didn’t look as orange in person as your photos do) WE CAN HELP YOU.:)You made a big purchase, and we want you use your {heavier then a point and shoot} big camera it to the fullest of it’s ability, or you just have a big point and shoot really.



Custom Photography Workshop from Wild Child on Vimeo.

So, are you ready to learn with Amy and Kim? (Yayyyy!!!!) And have fun??:)Here are the details….

Private lessons with us (Kim and Amy) for 2 hours.

We will cover the exposure triangle (knowing all about aperture, shutter-speed, and ISO), semi-manual shooting modes, exposure compensation, ISO, White balance and what ever else we can pack in to two hours. We also take to the busy streets and do everything you just learned to get you used to using these settings and knowing your camera well enough to change them quickly. You can take this mentoring class alone for $160, with a friend for $240 (120 each), or with a couple friends for $300 ($100 each!!) We will be spending a lot of time learning your camera so we decided that it had to be less then three.  We can work with your schedule as well and work out a time that is best for everyone.

Camera Mentoring

*What this class is NOT. We are NOT training professional photographers. Photography is FUN, we want everyone to be able to take great pictures at home as an enjoyable hobby. This is also how we make our living, so if you have a photography business, or are starting a photography business we can’t help ya.  It wouldn’t make sense.

****This is not an editing class. We don’t talk about Photoshop and Lightroom in this class. That would be another bazillion hours… and getting it right in the camera eliminates editing in Photoshop or other editing program for your hobby needs. 

  • July 18, 2014 - 3:55 pm

    Gina Depperschmidt - I contacted you a month or so ago. My friend Michelle Renner referred you.
    I have 2 friends and we are very interested in this? Would you come to Topeka or something? Would this include some time using different setting too?
    Very interested, please let me know. thanks!!ReplyCancel

    • July 18, 2014 - 5:10 pm

      cyphers2 - Great! We could do a Topeka date. We will be doing them on Wednesdays mainly during the day. Our summer schedule is filling up but I bet we will have some openings after school starts mid August. We will go over settings, look at your camera to show you how to make adjustments, and talk about the best way to capture what you are most interested in.ReplyCancel

      • July 18, 2014 - 6:02 pm

        Gina Depperschmidt - thanks for getting back to me.
        So there would be no time actually taking a few pictures, trying different settings?
        We would like a little hands on too. :) ReplyCancel

        • July 18, 2014 - 6:10 pm

          cyphers2 - There will be lots of taking pictures and hands on! lots and lots! The workhshop is typically broken into two parts. The first part is learning about your camera and its settings. Then we go out and play! The best way to learn is to do…ReplyCancel

          • July 18, 2014 - 8:23 pm

            Gina Depperschmidt - What do you have available August 6? Can we all pay separate when we have the session?

  • July 21, 2014 - 10:19 pm

    Gina - Still waiting to hear back on the above questions and Aug 6?ReplyCancel

    • July 24, 2014 - 2:20 am

      cyphers2 - Sorry Gina for not responding sooner. Yes we are available on the 6th of August. If you send me information about who will attend and their email addresses I can bill each of you individually. Mid morning-early afternoon work best for us on that day. What time works for your group?ReplyCancel

  • July 24, 2014 - 3:59 pm

    Gina Depperschmidt - Great, can we do 1pm?
    Dawn Rake: 785-213-3719
    Amy McKaskey: 785-969-2517
    and myselfReplyCancel

It amazes me how fast children’s babble turns into real language and even clever language. My youngest is funny and pretty cleaver… I mean really clever.  As we were out walking today she said, ” I will lead you will walk behind me.”. As we set out to explore the forest she has no fear or hesitation. Just straight ahead ambition.  All of my kids are so similar and different at the same time. I see the same mannerisms and sayings. At the same time where one is cautious the other is daring, where one is dramatic the other is laid back. My littlest is daring and tenacious. She has an opinion and wants to make sure you understand it! I love exploring with her.  Our conversations are so funny as she explains the world as she sees it. I fear her teens years…. she might give me a run for my money. I hope one day she needs me to lead her again. Amy and I started The Wild Child so we could capture our kids’ lives and imaginations. I am so blessed to have so many images of and opportunities to see the world through their eyes.

charleesummerwalk-1charleesummerwalk-5charleesummer8charleesummer9charleesummer10charlee11charleesummerwalk-2charleesummerwalkcharleesummerwalk-7charleesummerwalk-6charlee summer walk 1charleesummerwalk-4charleesummerwalk-3


I get these awesome and sometimes strange fashion magazines in the mail. I have no idea why I get them, but I love flipping through their glossy pages just to observe the amazing and sometimes down right creepy/strange photography. After I’ve critiqued and pondered for a bit, I toss them, and move on. Today I received one in the mail and feeling inspired took Charlotte out for a shoot. Anyway, I didn’t go a crazy trying to be weird or different, but I wanted to treat it like a fashion/model shoot in the way I composed my images.

Charlotte is a natural in front of the camera. I honestly couldn’t have had a better muse in a daughter. She loves posing and doesn’t have to be told twice when I ask her to change directions or look a different way. We have a blast shooting together, and she doesn’t turn me down very often when I ask if she wants to go take pictures. These summer nights are just beautiful lately…. I can’t resist not shooting if we don’t have a session scheduled.

This dress is from Vindie Baby. It’s the Gabriella White Lace Dress found HERE. Vindie Baby has beautiful (Photo worthy!) clothing for little girls and babies. Charlotte has nearly outgrown them and that’s so sad because maybe she isn’t gong to be a “little girl”for long. I still refuse to shop at Justice though… for a little while longer at least.:)I like her looking her age… which is almost 8 years old. Not 16.  Give me (and Charlotte) lace, tulle and pastel any day over neon and spandex and we are very content. Vindie Baby is refreshingly feminine and sweet. Just like my girl. Maybe she will slow down her growth so their clothes fit a little longer.

Blackberry (the mini horse) and Red (the Rooster) were happy to be photographed along with the girl in the pretty dress. We love our mini Kansas farmstead.



F a c e b o o k
F o l l o w   U s